Picture Book Submissions Update (2)

As of last night, I have officially read every single submission I received. Still, that leaves 142 manuscripts to respond too.  Intern has a busy couple of weeks ahead. 

Of course, Intern won't be going it completely alone -- there are at least 29 responses that I want to write myself.  However, that still leaves 113.  On the plus side that means everyone should have heard something from one of us by the end of the month.  On the negative, all of the 113 (and most of the 29) are rejections.  Man, all of us (you and me both) hate rejections.


Amy said...

Yep, rejections are a bummer, but not getting one BECAUSE one is too shy to send the manuscript out, that is even more of a bummer. Thank you for your work!

B.N.Lippy said...

I've always been told that with each rejection, you're one submission closer to an acceptance. Newberry Award winner, Jerry Spinelli, was rejected for 14 years before he received an acceptance. And look at him now!!!

The Buried Editor said...

You both are so right, and it's what I always tell nervous first time submitters -- it's true that you'll never be rejected if you never submit, but it also guarantees you'll never get published as well.