A Little More News

I'm so very excited because I get to welcome back Assistant Editor (aka Rebecca).  She originally left CBAY to go to grad school, but she'll finish that up this year, and for now is returning back to her old title.  This is exciting for me because it means the editorial staff is no longer just me and Intern, it's now me, Intern, and AE.  Yippee!

I realize you probably don't really care.  Your thinking, "Okay, cool.  But that doesn't really affect me."

Au contraire, mes amis.  Au contrarie.

AE has just spent a fair amount of time interning at Scholastic where she spent most of her days wading through slush and queries, and apparently she must be feeling withdrawls because when I suggested that we open submissions up to teen queries, she thinks, and I quote, that it "all sounds exciting".  Insane, I know.  So, we're going to hash out exactly how we want to do this, and then post the new submission guidelines both here and on the official CBAY site.

However, I thought I'd give you all advance warning so you can start polishing up those old teen manuscripts you've got lying around and generally perfecting your query letters.


Nicole Zoltack said...

Awesome news! Yay for AE!

B.N.Lippy said...

I am sad that I do not have anything to submit, but I did post it in all my writer's groups and emailed those I could. Best of Luck everybody!!!

Edith Tarbescu said...

Great news. I plan to submit a
sci-fi novel as soon as the the doors open. Any idea when?
Edith Tarbescu

The Buried Editor said...

Probably mid-to-late April would be my best guess. Intern has to finish responding to the PBs first, and then I have to get through TLA, and AE wants to finish up her thesis draft before we get really going on this. I just wanted to warn people that it's coming up!