And They're Out of There

The pitch contest is officially done, finished, complete.

Thank you to everyone who sent me in a pitch. There's just a couple shy of 30 for me to read tonight and tomorrow. I hope to contact by Thursday the folks with manuscripts I would like to see. Hopefully on Friday we'll be able to go through the winning pitch to see what did and did not work.

And speaking of Fridays, I want to bring back Tip of the Week Wednesday and Question of the Week Friday. Now, obviously I can come up with Tips, but I always need help with questions. Specifically, I need someone to ask me one.

Anybody, any question. I'm not picky.

Pretty please.

There are no stupid questions. And like my professors used to say, if you're wondering about something, someone else out there is wondering too. So, use the comment section of this post to ask me some questions. Otherwise I will be unable to fully share my broad, sage, and utterly fabulous wisdom.


Joyce said...

i would love to have a discussion about POV. I've been taught over and over, and even taught it myself that an author should never, ever head hop. Yet, I see it all the time in fiction, even in middle grade and YA, I guess I'm wondering if there is a point when POV rules are less important than voice and story.

Deb said...

I'm interested in how often, in your experience, an author gets an offer from a publisher and decides NOT to accept it, and instead thinks it's wiser to shop the manuscript around more, whether in search of a better contract, or simply due to a bad vibe from the publisher. What is the etiquette an author should use for handling a situation like this?

beth said...

How soon is too soon to try to pitch another book to an editor/agent? I've got two manuscripts in the same genre, but very different books. They're both polished, they've both been edited. If I query one, how long should I wait after rejecting before trying the other? Specifically, I'm thinking of an editor/agent who almost liked the first mss., but passed ultimately.

Doris said...

Are you sure you know what day it is:)


Doris said...

I'm a dunderhead and the one confused about the calendar.

So sorry.


auslande said...

Why are some editors requesting "no SASE" and only responding when they accept material? Why aren't they willing to respond with rejection letters/emails?

danceluvr said...

How would you classify the Harry Potter series? Middle grade? Young adult? Children's?

What are you using for your decision? Is it just the age of the characters or is it some other, nebulous aspect of the text?

I'm curious because I feel that my WIP would fall into whatever category HP falls, except not fantasy/SF.