The Drama of It All

And you thought publishing was a staid old profession where everyone calmly went about their jobs.

Dead wrong.

Currently we're running behind on two books. One is scheduled to be released in four days and hasn't even gone to the printer yet, the other is a month behind schedule. Both books had been sent to layout where one was half an hour from completion and the other was no where near. And then someone stole our graphic designer's computer. Yes, that's right. Stole the computer. With the files. Of the books.

Of course, we have backups, but only of old versions or raw, uassembled files. All the work that's been done recently has been lost, not to mention the fact our designer now doesn't have a computer. Fortunately, I am a mac head. My little laptop is over at her place doing the job. Still, we're forced to have an emergency meeting this Sunday.

And you thought editors kept banker's hours.


Gaijin Mama said...

That wouldn't be the Summer Shorts anthology, would it?!

The Buried Editor said...

Yeah, Summer Shorts was affected of course, :(

If it could go wrong with that book it has. Multiple times. From missing contracts to missing fonts that books has had it all. It's like that kid in school that keeps catching the flu.

You're next question is when will it be released? The answer is the second it gets back from the printer. I'm just not sure when that will be.

I find it all very frustrating. I'm a control freak, and this is all stuff out of my control. I hate it!

Anonymous said...

As a contributing author to Summer Shorts, this news has put me in sad mode. I'm sad for you guys also who now have to deal with this mess.