Administrative Detailing

I'm buffing and polishing the blog, and I noticed a few things:

1. Tomorrow is the Tip of the Week. It's a good one, so be sure to read it.
2. Friday is the Question of the Week. I would be happy to answer any or all of your questions. One of you must have something. If I don't get anything, I'll have to make up my own questions. Depending on my mood, the question might be one of the Monty Python quest questions: What is your name? etc.
3. This weekend I will host another dialogue. I really enjoy getting to have these informal conversations. Feel free to disagree with me. Discussion is how we all learn.

Finally, you don't have to answer one of these little please to ask me a question. Leave a comment on any posting, even if its not the least bit germane to the topic I discussed. I'm like an editor at a conference. I'm here to answer any and all questions (and nothing is to trivial) and to be your guiding string through the maze of publishing. Actually, I'm better than a conference editor. I'm here nearly every day.


Gaijin Mama said...

Okay, here's another question. How do editors feel about "status queries"? My theory is that an editor on the fence would be more likely to reject a mss from a pestering author than one who waited patiently....

Anonymous said...

Good question. I have to agree with gaijin mama's theory on this one.

The Buried Editor said...

Oooh. Excellent question. I'll answer it Friday. That gives me 2 days to think up a witty reply. Thanks GM. (I enjoyed your blog by the way.)